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Note: The returns calculated here are the returns based on the difference in S&P BSE Sensex Prices. Please note that the Dividend Yield will add to the overall returns. Investments in traditional saving schemes offer guaranteed returns while those in Sensex & Gold offer market-linked returns & are subject to various market risks.
Source: Bloomberg, RBI

Equity fund – One secret ingredient can make a difference:

Managing your wealth includes, choosing the right investment. An investment should be aimed at benefiting your future needs. But, the cost of your future needs keeps increasing and the right investment could help your wealth grow to fulfill them.

The secret ingredientthat could give your investment the maximum opportunity to grow is equities. The following chart compares different asset avenues and their long-term performance.

Investment in Equity Funds are made easy with an systematic investment plan

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Why invest in equities?

  • 1.

    From a long-term perspective, equity as an asset class scores over other asset classes in terms of performance.

  • 2.

    Investing in equities not only acts as a catalyst to returns but also provides easy liquidity.

  • 3.

    Additionally, the dividend earned in equities is tax free in the hands of investor.

  • 4.

    No long-term capital gain tax on equity investments held for more than 1 year.

Benefits of Mutual Fund route in Equity Investment