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About Financial Planner

The first step in developing your financial plan is to meet with an advisor. Professional financial planners carry out a ‘fact find’ where they ask you detailed questions about your circumstances, your goals and how and how much risk you are prepared to take with your investment.

At Canara Robeco, we are not only talking about selecting, allocating and managing portfolios but also behaviour pattern because it is not only the expectation but also the experience of investors in developed markets that aids the investors in reaching their goals.

Importance of having a Financial Coach

Apart from these, our financial planners can also go venture into areas like estate planning, tax consulting, inter-generational wealth transfer and just about anything to do with money.

Choosing the right Financial Coach

This could come from various sources but give utmost importance to reference of existing clients. It is always a good idea to meet a few Advisors / Financial Planners of financial products referred by your trusted circle of contacts or check with product manufacturers e.g. Mutual Fund or Insurance companies. The key criteria should be the qualification, experience, process orientation and of course integrity.